Guide to commission set up

Affiliate commissions are rewards your affiliate partners will receive for bringing in new customers. Commission settings define how and when you will reward your partners and how big the reward will be.
We recommend doing market research to determine whether your competitors offer an affiliate program and, if so, what rewards are available. This will help you decide what to offer your partners, as your affiliate program should be competitive to attract new partners.

To set up commissions for your program:
  1. Login to Partnero.
  2. Navigate to Programs and choose the program you’d like to work with.
  3. Navigate to Settings under Program.
  4. Scroll down to the Commission section:

Commission type can be set to Percentage or Static.

  • Percentage type will generate a reward based on the sale amount, e.g., 30% from $50.
  • Static type will generate a fixed reward regardless of the sale amount, e.g., $20.
Commission and currency
Here you can enter the desired commission amount. If you’ve chosen Percentage type, enter the percentage number:

If you’ve chosen the Static type, enter the fixed amount:

Commission period
Here you can choose how long your partner will receive rewards from one referral. Value can be set to times, days, months, years, or lifetime.
E.g., if you offer a product with a subscription fee, the affiliate partner can receive rewards for the first sale only, for all sales during the first six months, the first two years, or the whole lifetime of the referral.
Commission review period
A review period can be enabled if you want to add a delay before the earned commission reaches your partner. E.g., if your service has a 14-day money-back guarantee, you may want to set a 14-day commission review period in case the purchase gets canceled or refunded.
Commission rounding
Allows you to avoid paying partners in decimals and automatically rounds up all reward amounts.
Payout threshold
Set the minimum commission amount required to request a payout. This condition is especially important if you’re doing payouts manually - you might not want a partner requesting payouts every time they have a few dollars in their account.
Referred clients threshold
Set the minimum number of referred clients an affiliate partner must have before they can request a payout. The limit can be set per payout or in total. Read more about referred clients threshold here.