Integrate Stripe

What is Stripe?

Stripe is an electronic payment processor. This means that it supports the electronic transfer of money from a customer's bank account into a seller’s bank account, as payment for goods or services bought with a credit card. Integrating Stripe with Partnero allows you to monitor and record your customers' purchases.

How to integrate Partnero with Stripe

In Partnero:

  1. Open the program you'd like to work with.
  2. Navigate to the Integration and scroll down to Third-party integrations.
  3. Click Authorize next to Stripe:
After you click Authorize, you'll be presented with a modal that will contain a step-by-step guide as well as some fields you'll have to fill out with data taken from your Stripe account: 
You can follow the steps there or review them below in this article.

In Stripe:

API key
  1. Go to Developers > API keys in your Stripe dashboard.
  2. Find and reveal the Secret key.
  3. Copy and paste the key to your Partnero account:
  4. Click Authorize
Add customer key to stripe metadata
Whenever you record transactions for a customer using Stripe, it's important to inform Partnero about which specific customer you're referring to. We use a customer key at Partnero to uniquely identify each customer, and this key can be any value that you use to identify them on your platform.
If you created the customer record using our Partnero API, then the key you passed as the customer object's key would be used.
To accomplish this, we look for the customer_key in the Stripe metadata. In the Partnero modal, you'll find an example of how this could be implemented on your back-end. Please keep in mind that your implementation may vary depending on how your product interacts with Stripe.

For more information on how to add metadata to Stripe, please refer to the Stripe documentation.