Newsletter referral: design the subscribe portal & page

The newsletter referral program has two main partner-facing pages:

  • Subscribe portal - a portal where your referring subscribers can track their progress and access their referral link.
  • Subscribe page - a page where new referrals will be sent to sign up.

Design and customize the Subscribe portal and Subscribe page

Open the program and go to Portal & form under Features.


In the Settings tab you can:


The Appearance tab is where you can add your branding and logo, choose the colors, add background images, and design the portal and form style.


The Pages tab is where you can further customize the portal and subscribe page with your own text and other features.

Under Subscribe portal, you can enable the following customization:

  • Include missing referrals count - show the number of referrals needed to reach the next reward;
  • Include an option to invite friends via email;
  • Show all available reward options;
  • Show all unlocked rewards.

Under Subscribe page you can:

  • Update the subscribe page title and description;
  • Add your Terms of Use;
  • Collect marketing consent.