Connect a custom Subscribe portal domain

When you create a newsletter referral program, a Subscribe portal URL is generated with our default domain You can change the portal URL by adding your custom domain.

To connect a custom domain for the Partner portal:
  1. Navigate to Portal & form under Features Click Connect Domain:
  2. Enter the URL of the domain you’d like to connect and use for your Subscribe portal, e.g., Click Next.
  3. A Domain Verification window will appear with a CNAME record. Go to the DNS page of your domain management platform and create a CNAME record with the values of the NAME and CONTENT fields.
  4. Once the records have been correctly set up with their respective Name and Value fields, enable the “I have added DNS records” toggle and click Check DNS records.
Note: It may take up to 24 hours for your DNS settings to become active worldwide, depending on your hosting provider.

How to access the DNS settings of your domain

The following steps have to be completed on the DNS settings of your domain (not on your Partnero account). For assistance with these steps, we recommend contacting your hosting provider. 

  1. Log in to your domain provider (usually on your hosting).
  2. Find the DNS settings for your domain. You can find instructions on doing this by searching “DNS settings” + your hosting provider's name on any search engine (such as Google). 
  3. Create a DNS record with CNAME type and fill out the Name and Value fields given to you on your Partnero account.

Remember that hosting providers may refer to the Name and Value TXTs differently. They can be referred to as:

  • Name and Host
  • Domain and Value
  • Domain and Host

In some cases, the CNAME record might be referred to as the Domain Alias record.