Mailchimp automations for newsletter referral programs

Every newsletter referral program is connected to an email service provider, where your subscribers are managed.

You can automatically fulfill rewards with Partnero or create workflow automations using your email service provider to deliver rewards or create more elaborate marketing strategies for subscriber engagement, e.g.:

  • deliver your rewards with additional information, notes, instructions, etc.
  • send a series of emails with multiple rewards, e.g., a three-piece online course;
  • follow up and ask for feedback a few days after the reward has been sent;
  • motivate subscribers by reminding them that they need only x referrals to get a reward.

These are just a few examples of how you can use automation workflows to deliver a great experience to your subscribers!

What information is sent to Mailchimp

When you connect Partnero with Mailchimp, we automatically generate a unique referral link for each subscriber and synchronize the data between Partnero and Mailchimp. 

We will add the following audience fields to the subscriber's profile:

  • {$partnero_newsletter_portal_link} - URL of the subscribe portal;
  • {$partnero_newsletter_share_link} - subscriber's unique referral link;
  • {$partnero_newsletter_reward} - reward name;
  • {$partnero_newsletter_referral_count} - the number of referrals the subscriber has brought in.

How to create and trigger Mailchimp automation

Mailchimp offers various ways to trigger automation workflows. The audience field listed above can be used to trigger automation workflows by using the Updated field trigger.

Below we'll share an example of the following scenario: your newsletter referral program sends an Amazon Gift card after someone refers ten subscribers. As a program owner, you'd like to send a follow-up and a reminder after a subscriber has referred 5 to keep them motivated. Here's how to achieve it:

  1. Login to your Mailchimp account.
  2. Go to Automations and click Build from scratch:
  3. You will be prompted to name your automation.
  4. Click Choose a starting point:
  5. Select Audience fields under Contact activity as the trigger:
  6.  Choose the Partnero Newsletter Referrals count field and enter 5 in the value field:
  7. Click Save Starting Point.
  8. Proceed to design the workflow. In this case, a step is added to send an email to the subscriber:
  9.  Don't forget to turn the workflow on after you're done!

Further reading

Mailchimp offers detailed how-to articles on setting up a workflow automation: