Integrate Paddle Billing

What is Paddle?

Paddle is a complete billing solution for SaaS businesses to manage payments, taxes, subscriptions, and more. Connect your Partnero and Paddle accounts to simplify customer purchase tracking and sync data with your account effortlessly.

How does the Paddle Billing integration work?

There are two main parts to the integration:
  1. Creating a customer associated with a partner on Partnero;
  2. Tracking the customer's purchases.

We'll cover both in this article.

Integrate Paddle Billing

This part of the integration is responsible for tracking referral visits and signups. Each affiliate program contains an integration guide with unique code snippets. To find the integration guide:

  1. Open the affiliate program you'd like to integrate;
  2. Go to  Program > Integration > Guides tab. 
  3. Click Instructions next to Paddle Billing via user sign-up:
  4. Follow the instructions to start tracking website visitors and signups to complete the integration

Authorize Paddle Billing to attribute sales

The last step is to authorize your Paddle account to send data about subsequent or recurring purchases made by referred customers.

Important: This step is an addition to the integration methods listed above. Purchase tracking relies on the assumption that the customer has already been created on Partnero via one of the methods listed above.
  1. Go to Integration under Program.
  2. Scroll down to Apps & integrations and click Authorize next to Paddle:
  3. To find your Paddle API key, sign in to your Paddle dashboard, navigate to Developer Tools, and select Authentication. Click to Generate an API key:
  4. Then copy the API key and paste to Partnero. Click Authorize.
  5. Return to the Partnero Integration window if you'd like to also set up mapping (optional):