Integrate Paddle Classic

What is Paddle Classic?

Paddle is a complete billing solution for SaaS businesses to manage payments, taxes, subscriptions, and more.

Paddle Billing is the default Paddle experience for customers who sign up now. Paddle Classic is only available for customers who signed up before August 8th, 2023.

How does the Paddle Classic integration work?

There are two main parts to the integration:
  1. Tracking referral visits and sign-ups. This can be done via Partnero API or Partnero JS integrations.
  2. Attributing customer's purchases. This is done by authorizing Paddle Classic.

We'll cover both steps in this article.

Track referral visits and signups

Referral visits and signups can be tracked via Partnero API or Partnero JS integration. Each affiliate program contains an integration guide with unique code snippets. To find the integration guides:

  1. Open the affiliate program you'd like to integrate;
  2. Go to  Program > Integration > Guides tab. 
  3. Click Instructions next to your preferred method:
  4. Follow the instructions in the modal to complete the integration:

Read the Affiliate Integration FAQ here.

Authorize Paddle Classic to attribute sales

The last step is to authorize your Paddle Classic account to send data about subsequent or recurring purchases made by referred customers.

Important: This step is an addition to the integration methods listed above. Purchase tracking relies on the assumption that the customer has already been created on Partnero via one of the methods listed above.
  1. Go to Integration under Program.
  2. Scroll down to Apps & integrations and click Authorize next to Paddle Classic:
  3. Follow the steps in the modal to complete the integration: