Create product based commissions

Product based commissions allow you to set different commission rates for specific products or product groups.

How to set up product-based commissions

  1. Log in to Partnero.
  2. Open the affiliate program you'd like to work with or create a new program.
  3. Go to Commission under Settings and click Create advanced commission:
  4. Click on the Product commissions tab and click Add:
  5. Commissions can be set for a specific product ID or product type:
  6. If you have Stripe or Shopify connected, you will see a + button that allows importing products from your store:
  7. Selected the required products and set the commission rates. If you'd like the product-based commission to have priority over the dynamic commission settings, toggle the setting at the bottom. Click Save
  8. Click Update to save your changes:

How to send product data to Partnero

When you send data about a transaction to Partnero, make sure to include the product ID or category so that the product-based commissions can be applied.

You can send product ID or category via API or JavaScript. Please find the instructions below: