Create dynamic commissions

With Partnero, you can launch an affiliate program that offers dynamic commissions. Dynamic commissions offer different incentives based on the affiliate partner's performance and are a great way to keep your partners motivated and engaged.For example, you can offer a higher commission rate to partners who have generated more than 100 sales or have brought in a certain amount of revenue.

How to set up dynamic commissions

  1. Log in to Partnero.
  2. Open the affiliate program you'd like to work with or create a new program.
  3. Go to Commission under Settings and click Create advanced commission:
  4. In the modal, under the Dynamic commissions tab, click Add:
  5. Variables you can choose from are signups, customers, revenue and single sale:
  6. In this example, we'll add a dynamic reward that will offer a 20% commission after a partner has brought in over 20 customers and a 30% commission after they've brought in over 50 customers:
  7. Add as many rows as you need to customize your reward structure and click Save.
  8. Click Update to save your changes
  9. That's it! The dynamic reward structure will be displayed under Program Settings. You can change the structure at any time by clicking Edit:

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