Create custom referral links

When you join a program, you will get a default unique referral link, consisting of a string of letters and numbers. We understand that you may want to change it to something relevant to you or create additional links. Here’s how to do that.

Create new referral links

To create a new referral link:

  1. Log in to the Partner portal (the link for each program is unique).
  2. Go to Resources.
  3. In the Referral links section, click to Create new referral URL:

  4. In the Identification code field, enter the value you'd like to have:

  5. Click Update.

Here are the guidelines you should follow when creating custom identification codes:

  • Only include letters, numbers, and the following characters: -_.
  • No spaces or special characters.
  • Keep it short and sweet (up to 64 characters).
  • You can use upper and lower case when sharing your link; however, it is not case sensitive, which means and are considered the same.