How to create Refer-a-Friend campaign

What is a Refer-a-Friend program?

Refer-a-Friend is an incentive program that rewards customers who bring in new customers (or friends!) to your product or service. Existing customers are given bonuses for successful referrals, also known as referral rewards. This is often a discount, coupon, or other incentive.  Most of the time, referrals are offered an incentive too.

How to create a Refer-a-Friend program on Partnero

  1. Log in to your Partnero account.
  2. Under Programs, click Create program.
  3. When prompted, choose the Refer-a-Friend program type:
  4.  Enter the program name and your website URL:
  5. Click Create.

Program settings

After creating your program, you will be presented with the program settings. Here you'll find the following sections:

  • Program: change the program name or your website URL:
  • Tracking: select how you prefer your referral links to look and set the cookie duration:Referral link suture can be set to Query or Link, which changes the format of the referral link:
    • Query:
    • Link:

    Additionally, you can update the parameter name, e.g. change from to

    Here you can also select how long the cookies will remain active (e.g., 30 days or lifetime). A referral will have to signup during the indicated number of days to be associated with the customer.

  • Delete program: option to delete your program permanently:


The integration section is dedicated to connecting the program with your app and 3rd party connections.

Partnero Universal tracking snippet

To accurately track referrals visiting your website or application, it is essential to install the Partnero Universal javascript snippet. This snippet is responsible for tracking referral visits and signups on your website, and it ensures that referred signups are correctly attributed to the correct partners. To integrate Partnero on your website:

  1. Go to Integration under Program.
  2. Copy the Partnero Universal snippet.
  3. Paste the snippet into your website’s HTML just before the closing of the </head> tag.

API integration

The following section allows you to create API keys to send data between your application and Partnero. 

The API integration can perform the following actions:

  • Create a referring customer;
  • Create a referred customer;
  • Display customer data on your application;
  • Create transactions.
Please see our detailed REST API guide with examples here.


The Webhooks section allows you to create webhooks for various actions within your program.

To create a webhook:

  1. Go to Integration under Program.
  2. Click Create webhook:
  3. Enter the webhook name and the End-point URL:
  4. Select what events you'd like to send. You can choose from the following events:
    transaction deleted
  5. Click Create.

Third-party integrations

The final section on the Integration page allows you to use our pre-made integrations with 3rd party apps, such as Zapier, MailerLite, Stripe and others.