Create your first program

Once you first access your Partnero account, you will be greeted with a dashboard that will prompt you to create your first program.

To start the setup, you can simply click on Get Started under Affiliate programs or Referral programs, depending on what program type you'd like to create.

Alternatively, navigate to the Programs page on the left-hand-side menu and click Create program. Select the program type:

If you choose Affiliate, you'll have to enter the following information:
  • Program name
  • Website URL
  • Partner portal URL
  • Commission type and currency
  • Payout threshold
  • Commission review period and rounding
Then, click Create.
Don’t worry; you’ll be able to edit all of these details later!
If you choose Refer a friend, you'll have to enter the following:
  • Program name
  • Website URL
Click Create.
After the initial setup, you'll be redirected to the program dashboard and overview, where you'll be able to customize all program details, set up commissions, create rewards, etc.