Managing payouts

Payout settings

Here are the main program-level settings regarding payouts:

Payout method
The default payout method is PayPal; however, you can allow your partners to request payouts via bank transfer as well. 
To enable bank transfers:
  1. Go to Programs and choose the program you wish to work with.
  2. Navigate to Settings under Program.
  3. Scroll to the Other section.
  4. Enable the Allow payout requests using bank transfer along with PayPal option:
  5. Click Update.

Payout threshold

Payout threshold sets the condition on how much commission a partner must earn before they can request a payout.

To set the payout threshold:
  1. Go to Programs and choose the program you wish to work with.
  2. Navigate to Settings under Program.
  3. Scroll to the Commission section.
  4. Enter the amount in the Payout threshold field:
  5. Click Update.

Pending payout requests

When your partners start earning commissions, they will be able to request a payout once the payout threshold is reached. 
To access all pending payout requests:
  1. Go to Program > Overview.
  2. Click Manage payouts under Payout requests.
Alternatively, you can:
  1. Go to Payouts under Finances.
  2. Expand the Filters.
  3. Under Status, select Action required.

Payout request actions

Once you’ve accessed the payout requests list, you can click View details next to individual payout requests. Here you’ll be able to see the payout request form that your partner has filled out when submitting the request. 

The information you’ll see will depend on whether you allow bank transfer payouts along with Paypal.
For Paypal transfers, the form will display:
- Requested amount
- Full name
- Paypal email address
- Address
For bank transfers, the form will display:
- Account holder
- Country
- Address
- Bank name
- SWIFT/BIC code
You can perform the following actions with a payout request:
  • Approve - payout request is accepted and can be paid out.
  • Reject - payout request is permanently rejected, the partner will not be able to request the same commission to be paid out again.
  • Request resubmit - payout request returned to the partner asking for additional information, e.g. there was an incorrect Paypal email address or IBAN provided. If you click to Resubmit request, you will be prompted to enter the Resubmit reason. Partner will automatically receive an email with the resubmit reason and will be able to edit the payout request form and submit the request again.
Once the payout request has been approved and you’ve processed the payment,  you will be able to mark it as Payout sent.