Integrate Partnero into your website

How does the Partnero integration work?

You’ll need to integrate Partnero on your website and into your application so we can track referral actions and create rewards. There are three main steps to the integration:

  1. Tracking referral visits.
  2. Tracking referral signups.
  3. Tracking referral purchases.

How to integrate Partnero 

There are a few different ways of integrating Partnero, and the process will depend on your tech stack and requirements. We offer integration guides, native integrations, and integration through REST API.

Affiliate program integration 

When you create an affiliate program, you will have an Integration section that contains integration guides, including a Universal integration method and the most popular website builders and e-commerce solutions.

Each integration guide offers detailed instructions with pre-written code snippets:

Available Integration methods

  • Partnero Universal - a universal approach for tracking referred sign-ups on your website;
  • Partnero API - a back-end-based method for integrating Partnero with any application through a simple REST API. Our developer documentation can be found here.
  • Partnero JS - a front-end-based method for integrating Partnero with any application making simple JavaScript calls.

Available 3rd party guides

Payment gateways

  • Stripe via user sign-up
  • Stripe via Payment links
  • Paddle via user sign-up


  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • BigCommerce

Website builders

  • Squarespace
  • Simvoly


  • HighLevel
  • Brilliant Directories
  • Thinkific

Read Affiliate program integration FAQs.

Read more about integration guides.

Referral program integration

The referral program needs to be integrated into your app. So whenever a customer signs up for your app, they are automatically assigned a referral link, which they can access in-app.
Here's the documentation outlining how to implement a referral program: