Collect marketing permissions

As a program owner, you may want to send marketing newsletters to your partners - maybe you’re running a promotion, have new marketing materials, or have company news to share.

Note: Marketing newsletters are created on email service providers such as MailerLite and are separate from program emails. If you wish to learn more about managing program emails, click here.

Since these emails are a form of marketing, you have to collect marketing consent from your partners in order to comply with the CAN-SPAM act and international anti-spam laws. Partnero enables you to do that during the partner signup process.

Collecting marketing permissions during signup

  1. Log in to Partnero.
  2. Under Programs, choose which program you want to work with.
  3. Go to Preferences under Partner portal.
  4. Go to Pages and select the Signup page:
  5. Scroll down to the Marketing consent section.
  6. In the text field, enter the desired text, e.g. “I’d like to receive updates about the affiliate program”:
  7. Click Update.
Once the text is entered, a checkbox will appear on your signup page:
Partners’ profiles display whether they gave marketing consent:

Collecting marketing permissions from existing partners

If an existing partner wants to start receiving newsletters, they can:
  1. Log in to the Partner portal.
  2. Navigate to My Profile.
  3. Toggle the marketing permissions switch under Personal Information:
Additionally, you can integrate Partnero with MailerLite and automatically send partners to your MailerLite account, where you will be able to create marketing newsletters. Read more about the integration here.