Create an approval form

Approval process

You can have your program available to everyone who registers or introduce an approval process.
If approvals are enabled, after registering, each partner will be presented with an approval form that they have to fill out and submit before they can access the program.

Building an approval form

To create a custom approval form:

  1. Log in to Partnero.
  2. Navigate to Programs and choose the program you’d like to work with.
  3. On the left sidebar, click on Preferences under Partner portal.
  4. Navigate to Pages, and then Approval page:

Here you'll find the following sections:

  • Welcome message - set the title and the description for your approval form.

  • Messages - set the text to be shown when a partner submits the form, e.g., “We have received your submission and will review it within one business day.” Additionally, set the message for rejected approvals.

  • Approval form - add questions you’d like your partners to answer.

Approval form question types

You can add the following Approval form fields:

Input Creates a free-text field for a partner to type in their answer. Question example: “Tell us more about your business.”
Checkbox Allows creating pre-defined options that the partner can choose from. They will be able to choose multiple options. Question example: “How are you going to promote our product?”; checkbox options: website, social media, video content, other.
Radio Allows creating pre-defined options that the partner can choose from. Partners will be able to choose a single option.
Select Creates a dropdown with pre-defined options.
Countries Includes a dropdown countries list.
Text Adds a note or additional text in between questions. It does not require an answer.

To add a free-text input option:

  1. Click Add field, and then select Input.
  2. Type your question in the Label field and toggle the Required option if you wish for this question to be mandatory.
  3. Click Update.

To add checkboxes:

  1. Click Add field, and then select Checkbox.
  2. Type your question in the Label field.
  3. List the checkbox options in the Options field.
  4. Click Update.

Below is an example of how the form and each approval question type look on the Partner portal:

Enabling approval for new partners

Now that you’ve created your approval form, the last step is to enable it.

  1. Go to Program and then Settings.
  2. Scroll down to the Other block.
  3. Toggle Enable approval form for new partners.
  4. Click Update.