Build a resources page

What are resources?

Program owners should provide various marketing materials for their partners to successfully promote their products. Standard resources may include:
  • company logos and icons,
  • product descriptions of various lengths,
  • product images,
  • promotional banners,
  • comparison articles,
  • marketing messages,
  • overview videos.
Partnero allows you to build a custom resources page by uploading various types of files. The resources page will be accessible to your partners on their Partner portal, Resources tab.
Supported resource file types include .zip, .png, .pdf, .jpeg, and links with a limit of 20MB per file.

How to add resources

To start building your resources page:
  1. Log in to Partnero. Navigate to Programs and choose the program you’d like to work with. 
  2. On the left sidebar, click on Partner Portal under Affiliate. Select the Resources tab:
  3. Click Add Resource.
You can choose from the following content block options:
Assets Upload .zip, .png, .pdf, and .jpeg files for your partners to download.
Banners Upload .zip files with HTML code.
Colors Add your company colors by using color codes.
Accordion Add short messages that can be expanded and collapsed for review. E.g., social media sharing messaging.
Links Add URL links to share documents, product comparison pages, and other materials hosted online.
For each content block, you can:
  • add Title and Description (optional),
  • upload multiple pieces of content.

Add an Asset

  1. Click Add Resource and select Assets:
  2. Enter the Title and Description for the assets that will be shared (optional):
  3. Under Content, click Add asset. Note: you can group multiple assets.
  4. Upload a cover image and a zip file with the assets. You can also add Title and Description (optional):
  5. Upload additional content, if needed, by clicking Add Asset.
  6. Click Update to save your changes.
Tip! While building the Resources page, have your Partner portal open in a separate tab. Every time you click Update on Partnero, refresh the Partner portal to see the changes reflected immediately. Explore all options and find what you like.

Example from a Partner portal

Asset block titled “Brand Assets”, no description added. The block has three separate content pieces uploaded, each with a Title and Description (Logos, Promotional Banners, and Product Images):

Add Colors

  1. Click Add Resource and select Colors:
  2. Enter Title and Description:
  3. Under Content, click Add Color.
  4. Add a Color code and Description (optional):

   5. Click Update.

Example from a Partner portal

Here’s an example of the Color block with three brand colors added: