How to use promotion codes

What are promotion codes?

Promotion codes are alphanumeric sequences that can be personalized to specific partners or customers and offer various discounts or incentives. On Partnero, promotion codes are created under specific coupons. Each coupon can have multiple promotion codes. 

Pre-requisites for using promotion codes

In order to create and use promotion codes, you have to first:

  1. Integrate Stripe or Shopify;
  2. Create Stripe coupons or Shopify coupons.

Once you have a coupon ready, you can proceed to setting up promotion codes.

How to create and customize promotion codes

Promotion codes enable you to customize controls and limits such as eligible partners or customers, first-time orders, minimum order values, expiration dates, and redemption limits. To set up a promotion code:

  1. Go to Coupons under Program.
  2. If you don't have any coupons created yet, follow the instructions in the Pre-requisites section of this article to create one.
  3. Click the three dots next to the coupon you'd like to create promotion codes for and click Settings:
  4. Scroll down to the Promotion codes section and click Add code:
  5. Promotion codes will inherit the main settings (such as the discount, duration, and redemption limits) from the Coupon it's created udner. However, you can further customize and personalize with the following settings:

    Code: you can enter a unique code name. E.g., if you're planning to share this promotion code with a specific partner, you can use their name. If you leave this field blank, we will generate a random name for you.

    Eligible for first-time orders only: enable to create a promotion code that will be valid for first-time customers only.

    Limit to specific partners: you can assign a promotion code to one or a few specific partners. E.g., if you're working with a social media influencer, you can create a promotion code with their name that will be assigned to them only.

    Limit to specific customers: you can assign a promotion code to one or a few specific customers. This means that the code will not be valid for any other customer.

    Minimum order value: set a minimum spending amount that is required to use the promo code.

    Expiration date: set a time limit for when the code can be used.

    Number of times: set how many times the code can be used.
  6. Click Save promo code.

Below is an example of a promotion code created under a coupon that offers a 20% discount.

The promotion code has a custom name GEDIMINAS20. The code is assigned to a specific partner, Gediminas, and is valid throughout 2024. The code can be used on all orders above $50 in value. The code can be redeemed an unlimited amount of times by any customer: