Invite a partner to join your program

Partnero allows you to personally invite someone to join your affiliate program.

Customize the invitation email template

Before you invite someone, you can customize the email they will receive, so it’s aligned with your branding. To edit the email:
  1. Navigate to Emails under Partner portal.
  2. Switch to Program emails tab.
  3. Click on the gear icon next to the “You have been invited” email.
  4. Click Edit template.
  5. Use our drag&drop editor to change the email design and text.
  6. Click Done editing to save your changes.
Read more about email management here.

Invite a partner

To invite a new partner:

  1. Navigate to Partners under Reporting and Management.
  2. Click Invite partner at the top right corner:
  3. Enter their email address, name, and last name:
  4. Click Invite partner.

That’s it! Your partner will receive the invitation email. If your program has approvals enabled, they will bypass the approval process.