Customize partner portal dashboard

You can customize the layout of the partner portal dashboard by adding custom blocks.

How to customize the dashboard

  1. Log in to Partnero.
  2. Go to Programs and choose the program you'd like to work with.
  3. Go to Partner portal under Affiliate.
  4. Open the Content tab and click on Dashboard under Partner Dashboard:

Two sections will be displayed by default:

  1. Link sharing and affiliate data: this section displays the main performance metrics and the affiliate URL. It cannot be removed from the dashboard.
  2. Recent activity: shows the most recent signups and sales. This section can be deleted or re-arranged.

To customize the dashboard, you can add the following blocks:

  • Text block: share announcements, company news, or important information.
  • Content block: add images, titles, descriptions, and buttons with links.
  • Links: share links to important articles.
  • Recent activity: shows the most recent signups and sales

To add any of these blocks, click Add resource:

Enter all the required data and click Update. All changes will be live immediately after you click Update.


Here's a Content block example and instructions on how to achieve it:

  1. Click Add Resource and select Content block:
  2. Add title and description (optional, not added in the example).
  3. Click Add content block under Content and toggle Display blocks in columns:
    Here, you can add as many content pieces as you need. The example above has two blocks added.
  4. Enter the title, text, button name, and URL for each content piece you want to share. You can also upload an image (optional):
  5. Click Update.

The added blocks will be visible to your partners immediately. You can add, edit, and remove them at any time.